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Top 7 Chinese Celebrities Who Have Over 1 Million Followers On Instagram As By 2021 #3

Any of your favorite actors and actresses in this list?

Check out the list bellow to see if there are any of your favorite ones there.

The list below includes Instagram accounts of Chinese and Taiwanese celebrities.

1. Puff Kuo (1m followers)

2. Ta Lu Wang (1m followers )

3. Zhou Dongyu (1m followers)

4. NiNi (1.2m followers)

5. Cai Xukun (1.8m followers)

6. Win Win (5.3m followers)

7. Lucas (10.1m followers)


What do you think of this list? Leave your comments below to share your ideas about Chinese Entertainment Industry. In order to get more updates about C-Entertainment, make sure to follow CSC , Facebook, or Pinterest to receive latest news.



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