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About Me:

Hello! I'm TOM (nickname), the owner of CHINESE STARS CHANNEL website.

I created this website when I was a student and at that time I really like watching Chinese Dramas, especially when I had free time from studying, and wanted to share what I liked with the whole world. I created CHINESE STARS CHANNEL during a heavy covid-19 outspread the whole world. I was staying at home and thinking of what should I do beside studying so I decided to create an entertainment website to release stressed during Covid-19 that I always stayed home.

I hope that you like my website and enjoy your stay here when you are tired or want to relax from work.

Come and say Hi! to my Instagram: hhongss_channel


- 2023: Decided to change it's name from PHKA to CHINESE STARS CHANNEL back on February 15th.

- 2022: Changed it's name from CHINESE STARS CHANNEL to PHKA (which means flower) on October 30th.

- 2020: Established on November 2020 during heavy Covid-19.

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