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Zhu Lilan (朱丽岚) Weibo Account

Zhu Lilan

Zhu Lilan (朱丽岚) Weibo Account

Gender: Female

Career: Actress

Birth date: March 11, 1997

Birth place: Guizhou

Nationality: Chinese

Education: Beijing Film Academy

Agent: Seven Entertainment Picture

Height: 163cm

Weibo registration date: October 15, 2014

Zhu Lilan, the actress and singer, was born in Bijie, Guizhou Province. She graduated from Beijing Film Academy and officially entered showbiz in November 2016 starring in “Male Fairy Fox of Liaozhai”.

In July 2019, her popularity soared after the release of the movie “Water Monster”. With that movie, she won both the Best Actress of the First Annual Online Film and Television Entertainment Festival and the First Online Actor of China Online Film Week.

Her main works include The Male Fairy Fox of Liaozhai, Oh My Drama Lover, My First Love Is Secret Love, Immortal Samsara, Wang Chuan Xu, Till the End of the Moon, We Fall In Love, Lie Hen, and more.


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