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Zhang Mingen (张铭恩) Weibo Account

Zhang Mingen

Zhang Mingen (张铭恩) Weibo Account

Gender: Male

Career: Actor

Birth date: May 06, 1995

Birth place: Heilongjiang

Nationality: Chinese

Education: Central Academy of Drama

Agent: Zhang Ming'en Studio

Weibo registration date: March 07, 2011

Zhang Mingen's Weibo: 张铭恩_

Zhang Ming En, born in Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province, is a Chinese actor. He graduated from the 2013 undergraduate class of the Acting Department of the Central Academy of Drama. He made his acting debut when he took on the lead role in the 2016 television drama, “The Mystic Nine”. In the same year on December 3, he won the IQiyi Screaming Night TV Drama Newcomer of the Year Award.


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