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Zhang Bo (张博) Weibo Account

Jaco Zhang

Zhang Bo (张博) Weibo Account

Gender: Male

Career: Actor

Birth date: August 29, 1982

Birth place: Beijing

Nationality: Chinese

Education: Central Academy of Drama

Height: 183cm

Weight: 67kg

Blood type: A

Weibo registration date: August 28, 2009

Weibo: 张博jaco

Zhang Bo (张博) is a Chinese actor born on August 29, 1982, in Beijing, China. He made his debut in the entertainment world in 2000 and has since appeared in various films and television dramas.

Some of his notable works include “Three Kingdoms” (2010), “Nirvana in Fire Season 2: The Wind Blows in Chang Lin” (2017), "The Road of Light" (2018), “Investiture of the Gods” (2019), and "Hi Producer" (2023).


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