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Yue Yue (岳明辉) Profile

Yue Minghui

Yue Yue (岳明辉) Profile

Gender: Male

Career: Singer

Birth date: July 11, 1992

Birth place: Beijing

Nationality: Chinese

Education: Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (China) and University of Glasgow (UK)

Agent: QIN’s Entertainment

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Blood type: B

Yue Yue's Weibo: 岳岳PINKRAY

Yue Minghui, stage name is Yue Yue, is a Chinese singer born in Beijing.

Yue Minghui is the leader of the boy group ONER, under QIN’s Entertainment, which has three members: Yue Yue, Mu Ziyang, Ling Chao and released their first single called "If You Can Feel My Feeling."

Yue Minghui is better known as PINKRAY.

Some pictures of Yue Minghui

Yue Yue (岳明辉) Profile
Yue Yue (岳明辉) Profile
Yue Minghui (岳明辉) Profile
Yue Minghui (岳明辉) Profile


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