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Yong Mei (咏梅) Weibo Account

Yong Mei

Yong Mei (咏梅) Weibo Account

Gender: Female

Career: Actress

Birth date: February 14, 1970

Birth place: Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

Nationality: Chinese

Education: University of International Business and Economics

Years active: 1997–present

Weibo registration date: June 12, 2011

Yong Mei's Weibo: 咏梅的微

An ethnic Mongol, Yong Mei was born on 14 February, 1970, in Hohhot, the capital of China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Yong Mei studied business administration at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, where she was active in performing arts.

Yong Mei is married to Luan Shu, the former lead singer of the Beijing rock band Black Panther. She became a fan of the band after being introduced to its music by a friend, and starred in the music video for its song "Don't Break My Heart".


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