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Wu Lei (吴磊) Profile


Wu Lei (吴磊) profile

Gender: Male

Occupation: Actor, producer

Birth Date: December 26, 1999

Birth Place: Shanghai, China

Education: Beijing Film Academy

Years Active: 2002–present

Height: 182cm

Weight: 65kg

Blood type: B

Instagram: leowu1226

Wu Lei (吴磊) is a Chinese actor born on December 26, 1999 in Shanghai. He is known as “China’s Little Brother” (Chinese: 国民弟弟) in China. He made his first appearance in commercials at the age of three. He is considered one of the “Four Little Heavenly Kings” with Liu Haoran, Karry Wang and Wang Yibo.


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Wu Lei (吴磊) Profile
Wu Lei (吴磊) Profile
Wu Lei (吴磊) Profile
Wu Lei (吴磊) Profile
Leo Wu (吴磊) Profile
Leo Wu (吴磊) Profile
Leo Wu (吴磊) Profile

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