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Tian Shuchen (田书臣) Profile


Tian Shuchen (田书臣) Profile

Gender: Male

Career: Singer, dancer

Birth date: 26 October, 1994

Birth place: Liaoning

Nationality: Chinese

Education: Beijing Contemporary Music Academy

Agent: Cool Young Entertainment

Height: 180cm

Weight: 66kg

Blood type: O

Tian Shuchen's Weibo: 田书臣-HD

Tian Shuchen, English name is HD, is a singer under Cool Young Entertainment. He is the dancer of Chinese boy group Black ACE. He is from Liaoning, China.

Tian Shuchen is a former choreography teacher of TFBOYS and former member of dance team NEWSTARZ.

Tian Shuchen graduated from Beijing Contemporary Music Academy in 2010.

Tian Shuchen was a member of Chinese-Korean boy group SWIN.

Tian Shuchen is also an actor. His first drama series is "Oh! My Sweet Liar" in 2020 as a support role.

Tian Shuchen likes traveling and walking with his dogs.

Some pictures of HD

Tian Shuchen (田书臣) Profile
Tian Shuchen (田书臣) Profile
Tian Shuchen (田书臣) Profile
Tian Shuchen (田书臣) Profile


Picture sources: Weibo


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