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Sabrina Zhuang (庄达菲) Weibo Account

Zhuang Dafei

Sabrina Zhuang (庄达菲) Weibo Account

Gender: Female

Career: Actress and singer

Birth date: February 28, 2001

Birth place: Shenyang

Nationality: Chinese

Education: Beijing Film Academy

Agent: Jaywalk Studio

Height: 169cm

Weight: 43kg

Blood type: AB

Weibo registration date: March 03, 2011

Sabrina Zhuang (Zhuang Dafei, 庄达菲), born on February 28, 2001, in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, is a Chinese actress and singer. She debuted in her first work “Old Man’s Wish” in 2012. In 2016, she released her first solo single “能量光站 / Neng Liang Guang Zhan”, and on July 22, she released her single “候鸟的约定 / Migratory Bird’s Promise”, which was composed by herself. Her main works include “Miss Puff”, “Mountains and Ocean”, “Closer to You”, “I Don’t Want To Be Friends With You”, “Love Script”, “Rock It, Mom”, "Miss Chun Is a Litigator", and more.

Sabrina Zhuang’s agent is Jaywalk Studio. She studied at the Beijing Film Academy and majored in acting. When she was in kindergarten, Sabrina Zhuang was selected by the casting director to do a commercial and was exposed to filming-related work for the first time. She has been attending international schools since elementary school and went on an exchange trip to Canada in the 5th grade. She enjoys writing, singing, dancing, and photography.


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