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Mu Ziyang (木子洋) Profile

Li Zhenyang

Mu Ziyang (木子洋) Profile

Gender: Male

Career: Singer, actor, model

Birth date: April 21, 1994

Birth place: Shandong

Nationality: Chinese

Education: Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology

Agent: Qin's Entertainment

Years active: 2017-present

Height: 188 cm

Weight: 68 kg

Blood type: AB

Weibo registration date: October 31, 2017

Mu Ziyang's Weibo: 木子洋KWIN

Li Zhenyang, stage name is Mu Ziyang, is a Chinese singer born in Shandong.

In 2018, Mu Ziyang participated in iQiYi's survival show "Idol Producer", ranking 22nd in the finale.

On August 30, 2018, debuted as a member of Qin's Entertainment's boy group ONER, which has three members: Yue Yue, Mu Ziyang, Ling Chao and released their first single called "If You Can Feel My Feeling."

Mu Ziyang made his solo debut on September 12, 2019 with the single "I'm Kwin".

Mu Ziyang is also an actor. His first main role is in drama series "Go! My Hero!" in 2022.

Mu Ziyang is very good at playing drum set and piano.

Mu Ziyang is better known as KWIN.

Some pictures of Mu Ziyang

Mu Ziyang (木子洋) Profile
Mu Ziyang (木子洋) Profile
Mu Ziyang (木子洋) Profile
Mu Ziyang (木子洋) Profile


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