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Mika (米卡) Profile

Mika Hashizume

Mika (米卡) Profile

Gender: Male

Career: Japanese-American singer and model

Birth date: December 21, 1998

Birth place: Hawaii

Nationality: American

Agent: Avex, Wajijiwa

Years active: 2017–present

Height: 176cm

Weibo: INTO1-米卡

About: Mika is a member of Chinese boy group Into1 (pronounced as Into One), formed through the 2021 reality show Produce Camp 2021 (Chuang 2021) on Tencent Video. The group consists of 11 members: Liu Yu, Santa, Rikimaru, Mika, Nine, Lin Mo, Bo Yuan, Zhang Jiayuan, Patrick, Zhou Keyu, Liu Zhang.

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Mika (米卡) Profile
Mika (米卡) Profile
Mika (米卡) Profile
Mika (米卡) Profile


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