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Mermaid C-Dramas Recommendation For Watching

Below are the 2 mermaid C-Dramas that you can start watching from now.

1. Swing to the Sky

Swing to the Sky is a romance and comedy drama about a poor girl who becomes rich and live with a strange family. This drama is already completed broadcasting in last year, 2020.

Yu Xiao Yu, plays by Hu Bing Qing, is a kind hearted girl and tries to hide herself from the debtors.

After her life change, she joins a group of young diving team and meets a rich but arrogant guy Ling Kong, plays by Kris Fan. And time passes, they start falling in love.

Country: China

Episodes: 18

Original Network: iQiyi

Duration: 45 minutes

Main Casts:

Hu Bing Qing plays as Yu Xiao Yu

Kris Fan plays as Ling Kong

2. Mermaid Prince

Another romance and mermaid but comedy drama is Mermaid Prince. Like Swing to the Sky, Mermaid Prince also already finished airing in 2020.

The fantasy drama is about a young man An Xi Da, plays by Li Xiang Zhe, mistakenly become a mermaid by travel with Shen Mu Xin, plays by Esther Wu.

The two try to solve this misleading through many hilarious encounters and gradually in love.

Country: China

Episodes: 24

Original Network: Tencent Video

Duration: 30 minutes

Main Casts:

Li Xiang Zhe plays as An Xin Da

Esther Wu plays as Shen Mu Xin


What do you think of these 2 dramas? Your favorite actors in the list? Leave your comments below to share your ideas about Chinese Entertainment Celebrities/Dramas. In order to get more updates about C-Entertainment, make sure to follow/bookmark CSC or Facebook to receive latest updates.


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