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Liu Guanlin (刘冠麟) Weibo Account

Liu Guanlin

Liu Guanlin (刘冠麟) Weibo Account

Gender: Male

Career: Actor

Birth date: December 19, 1981

Birth place: Heilongjiang

Nationality: Chinese

Education: Beijing Dance Academy

Height: 176cm

Weight: 65kg

Blood Type: O

Weibo registration date: May 23, 2010

Liu Guanlin's Weibo: 刘冠麟

Liu Guanlin was born in Heilongjiang, he graduated from Beijing Dancing Academy.

He debuted in the 2006 drama "Han Emperor 3", acting with Huang Xiao Ming and Ady An,

He is well known for his main role as Cai Ba Dou in "Longmen Express" (2014).


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