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Deng Jiaxin (邓佳鑫) Profile

Deng Jiaxin

Deng Jiaxin (邓佳鑫) Profile

Gender: Male

Career: Singer, actor

Birth date: July 23, 2006

Birth place: Chongqing

Nationality: Chinese

Agent: Time Fengjun Entertainment

Deng Jiaxin is a member of Chinese boy trainee TF Family (3rd Generation). TF Family is a Chinese boy group trainees based in Chongqing which have 12 members and managed by Time Fengjun Entertainment.

Deng Jiaxin is also an actor. His first role is in "Second Life", in 2017, as a guest role. His main role is in "Class 3, Isn't Ordinary" and "Our Best Time in Life!", in 2020 and 2022, respectively.

Deng Jiaxin likes ketchup and salsa and doesn't like chicken legs and wings. He likes drinking walnut milk. His hobbies are singing, playing guitar, riding bicycle, playing table tennis. His favorite singer is Lay Zhang. His nickname is Deng Deng.

Some pictures of Deng Jiaxin

Deng Jiaxin (邓佳鑫) Profile
Deng Jiaxin (邓佳鑫) Profile
Deng Jiaxin (邓佳鑫) Profile
Deng Jiaxin (邓佳鑫) Profile


Picture sources: Weibo

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