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Chinese Boy Love Dramas

Have you watched any of them? Do you like watching BL dramas?

1. Capture Lover (2020)

Picture from Capture Lover's Weibo Account [1]

The drama is about Ding Junjie and Ying Jiaming who have a cat and mouse relationship but gradually come to know and understand each other.

Ding Junjie, plays by Luigi Zhang, who is the general manager of a cosmetics company.

Ying Jiaming, plays by Han Jing Cheng, the son of the cynical chairman of the board.

Picture from Capture Lover's Weibo Account [1]

2. The Fairy Fox (2017)

Picture from The Fairy Fox's Weibo Account [2]

The drama is about the romance between human and fairy fox from the past life till modern life.

From the past life, Xiao Jing Chen, who was the great general, saved Lu Bai, who was a fairy fox.

Picture from The Fairy Fox's Weibo Account [2]

The story continues to the modern time and it's time for Bai Lu to sacrifice himself to protect Xiao Jing Chen, which is called Xiao Mo in the modern time, while the wolf clan try to seize and obtain the power of a sacred stone, which fell on Earth thousands of years ago and has been under the protection of the Fox Clan ever since.

In this drama, Lu Bai plays by Wu Chu Yi, and Xiao Mo plays by Zhou Jie.

3. Beloved Enemy (2017)

Picture from Mydramalist [3]

The story involves around two young men at workplace. Gu Qing Pei is a businessman who starts his new job at a company but due to bad luck he meets Yuan Yang, who is the chairman's son.

Picture from Mydramalist [3]

Yuan Yang is an arrogant man while Gu Qing Pei is a calm man.

From the first time, Yuan Yang doesn't like Gu Qing Pei until he asks his friends to check on Qing Pei's background and finally finds his achilles heel.

In this drama, Gu Qing Pei plays by Shang Bai and Yuan Yang plays by Gao Ming.


What do you think of this BL dramas? Your favorite actors in the list? Leave your comments below to share your ideas about Chinese Entertainment Celebrities/Dramas. In order to get more updates about C-Entertainment, make sure to follow/bookmark CSC or Facebook to receive latest updates.



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