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Cai Xukun Surprised His Fans With His Latest Picture On Instagram

Cai Xukun's most recent Instagram really shocked his fans, including me (admin) as well. This morning, I logged in my Instagram to see if there were something new in this platform but it turned out that I was scared by my own idol Cai Xukun because his picture appeared on the top of the new feed, HAHAHA. Please have a look at the first picture below and tell me how you feel. And, yes, I was so shocked. I think everyone who see this picture, especially his fans, will definitely shock like me. I really wanted to know what he was thinking when he posted this picture.

Cai Xukun with his beard

However, it is not Cai Xukun's first time posting his selfie with his beard. In my opinion, I think that it's also good to show some of your pictures especially celebrities so that his/her fans can see some of their real live activities off-screen. I like seeing my favorite idols, actors, and actresses' post their real live pictures on their personal social media.

Cai Xukun with his beard

Cai Xukun's latest pictures on Instagram:


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